The Best Red Lipstick, And The Best Pink Lipstick


last January, I wrote this post showcasing several of my favorite lipstick shades since what lipsticks I’m wearing tends to be a frequently asked question over here as well as on my social media channels. I’m still often wearing all of those shades (a girl can never have too many lipstick colors to choose from! unless you’re asking josh, who will tell you I’m a girl that probably owns too many.)


if you’ve read this blog since the beginning (*cough* it’ll be ten years of blogging come this summer! *cough*), you know I love me some bold red lips. I am frequently searching for the very best red and always love trying new brands and shades. my current favorite go-to red is by Stila in the shade beso. it’s very matte, which is a really good thing in the sense that it does not come off no matter what during the day (like truly only with makeup remover wipes!). the only downside is that since it is so matte based, it does get slightly dry as the day goes on. I’ve found applying some moisturizing chapstick underneath before applying for bits of help.


next up is another shade I’ve been wearing almost daily over the past few months. it’s Maybelline’s lust for blush. it’s very close in shade to Maybelline’s pink me up which has been my go-to everyday shade for several years, but since that shade has become harder and harder to find (i hear it’s been discontinued?), this one has slowly been taking its place for me. this shade is just a touch more pink which is nice, and a little more of a matte as well. I don’t use any lip liner or gloss or anything like that beforehand. just the lipstick! the other perk is that it’s usually around $6 in drug stores or online, so yeah, it’s love!


these two shades seem to be my go-to’s as of lately! my only other tip when it comes to lipstick is using a lip exfoliating scrub occasionally to get rid of any dry or flaky skin and keep your lips well hydrated.

I’m such a firm believer that a little lipstick can do wonders to pulling any sort of look together (maybe I just tell myself that since I don’t do jewelry or accessories) and truth be told, I never leave home without it. also, EVERYONE can look good in lipstick and pull it off, you just have to go for it.  I hope this is helpful for those of you who have been asking!


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