Apps on the phone are the things that enable the easy navigation on the phone and they are non-arguably the most important structure of the phone software that you need for easier usage of the phone.APP

Favoritism of the Apps is based on their level of importance and there uses on the ion and android devices which helps and in navigation, serving some other uses on the phone.

They’re pretty much essential uses of these apps on our devices but we ought to talk about a few number of them so as you look on to considering adding the shortlisted and talked about apps though many among the list are social media but are worth the use on the phone.


After being created by google and launched on the 22 Oct 2008 under serving platforms of Ios and Android has been a serving Android market which is a digital distribution service operated by Google that enables us to download and buy apps from google.


It is the best-certified app that is inputted by Google that helps in downloading and have been a serving ever then.


Facebook is an American social media and technology company based in Melo Park, California. The company has a major Ceo  Mark Zuckerberg and the app was created and launched in February 2004.

Facebook is a social media that has over 1 billion users in the world that is used for interaction and messaging, video chats, image upload, sending and receiving, marketing ads medium and so many other uses.


This is  a social media digits or group interaction platform that we use in messaging and as well as posting updates of image and video clips to the view of our friends




Youtube is an app that we use to watch and upload videos in. It is a broad where people post videos on.


Netflix is an app where you subscribe to watch their highly designated videos on.


Spotify app is an app we use to play songs on our phone and download as well as stream on songs.


Soundcloud app is an app we use to play songs on our phone and download as well as stream on songs.


Apple Music is an app where people that use ios devices stream song and download as well as upload it.



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