Two Feared Dead As Traders Clash with Ebonyi ‘Revenue Officials’

Ebonyi Revenue Officials visited the Abakpa Main market and a clash broke out and two people were actually said to are dead according to the news we got from our source earlier today.

Speculation regarding the moving from the Abakliki Abakpa Main to the newly built Ebonyi International Market has been on in the state and traders have been on and off due to the fact that some marketers can’t afford the new payment for the Shops at the international market.

The deadline was given to be 31st of August but due to the last meeting held between the Market leaders and Government officials and the Revenue officials had an outcome of the movement date postponed to the first week of September probably if the requirement of the Marketers are met.

But the Govt. is still talking on it with the revenue officials, Then some marketers then sued the Government because of the fact that they were going to have a problem in getting a new shop over there at the International Market which is located around Ochudo City.

The Revenue Officials now arrived the shops of the people that sued the Government for double taxation due to the former chairman have embezzled the some of N50 million Nair from the marketers but during this incident the people the Revenue officials came to task now burst upon violence where be refusing not to be taken and there shops lockdown and them heading to the Revenue office too.


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During the violent incident one individual was stabbed according to news from our source and the traders too started running, rioting and wilding out and too where fighting the officials at that time many marketers locked up their shops and was running for their dear life,the police arrived and Tear gas was being thrown on individuals and on the time the Police arrived another individual was said to shot and was being rushed to the hospital as the first person the riot was so brutal, chaotic and wild that so many traders locked up their shop and went home in other to save their life and at the same incident Police to were on a Massive arrest.

What a bad and sorrowful day we wake up to today in the city of Ebonyi state. The day was actually ruined cause the traders have gone home earlier and nothing sold it is really labeled a bad day. You can keep your comments flowing on the comment session lets see your view on this story and suggestion on a possible thing for the Government to do in other to hinder this kind of issue in a public state.

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